Jealousy of the Moon

the moon and I, we went out drinking,

wondering, hoping, pondering, thinking,

arguing about the meaning

and the reason for our being.

back and forth, we two debating,

neither one of us relating

to the other’s situation

or each other’s feared relation...

relation to the world in whole,

our place upon the totem pole,

where we fit in with fish and rain,

our status in god’s big food chain.

I told the moon he was much higher,

to take his place was my desire,

to be entrusted with such power,

to change the tides upon the hour.

to fly above the earth at night,

the dark of dusk killed by his light,

to have great thinkers seek him out,

to be the thing folks dream about.

the moon looked down and gave a grin,

he hesitated to begin,

and by that time i’d started thinking

he’d done more than his share of drinking.

but he recovered rather quickly,

and my interest swelled within me,

as he moved a cloud like smoke

he cleared his throat and then he spoke,

“never have you been so wrong,”

his voice was loud, his presence strong,

“to suggest that I am higher,

you’re either drunk or you’re a liar.

“for I may rule the sky at night,

but never have I seen the light

of day or dawn or afternoon,

for darkness follows every moon.

“and though my friend, I was made first,

I could not satisfy god’s thirst

in mind and soul and spirit too,

for that, my friend, our god made you.

“and while i’ve hovered from above

you’ve received god’s grace and love,

it’s you that he’s kept in his sight,

right through the years, both day and night.”

and then a tear fell from his eye,

and we both fell silent, the moon and I,

while i stood there stunned realizing that

I’d sobered up in one second flat.

so I cast my gaze up past the moon,

and what I saw caused me to swoon,

for suddenly the stars and space,

they shifted and I saw god’s face.

right then I knew the moon was right,

that I was made to shine more bright

than he and through his jealousy,

I realized god’s place for me.

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