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Wally Dyer @scotchnsniff joins me to give us the story of how he got into whiskey, the origins of his YouTube channel and to discuss topics ranging from the peat of Orkney to the Russian oligarchy, which has nothing at all to do with whiskey, but it comes up way too many times. We also go live on IG WHILE recording the podcast. It’s a lot of fun trying to keep up with this guy. Wally's weekly show with @drinkingcaveman is called Whiskey Untitled and can be seen every Tuesday night on YouTube and you should also check out his Scotch N Sniff channel.

SEASON TWO PREMIERE! Laphroaig is my favorite distiller of whisky, and so I was very excited to sit down with a Laphroaig expert, none other than Mr. Simon Brooking, Master Ambassador for Beam Suntory Scotch. We met up in Brooklyn to share a few drams, talk about his early career, how being a trained theater actor helped him get his start in the world of spirits, and geek-out on Laphroaig. We do a little more tasting in this episode than I’ve historically put in the podcast, but that’s simply because I couldn’t help myself.

My interview with Julia Ritz Toffoli, the founder of Women Who Whiskey, an organization dedicated to debunking the stereotypes and myths around who does and can be a whiskey drinker. I found her inspirational in that she recognized a need in herself, recognized also that she wasn’t alone in that need, and instead of putting up with it, instead of complaining about it, instead of asking someone to solve it for her, she took action. I also have an Old Fashioned Conversation and some pizza with Christina Kim.

Colin Spoelman, founder Kings County Distillery, used to bring moonshine back from his home state of Kentucky to his friends in New York.  Eventually, he started making his own whiskey in his apartment in Brooklyn before expanding the operation. Colin and I discuss the history of the distillery, the craft whisky movement and market, what separates it from the major distilleries and conglomerates, and what regionalization means to the future of American Whiskey. Check them out online for more info on their website.

Georgie Bell, the Global Single Malts Ambassador for Bacardi and the co-founder of the @OurWhisky project talks to me about her whisky journey and the face of the modern whisky drinker.  She also talks about the exiting and unconventional release of Craigellachie 51. Follow her at @belleswhisky.

Plus and Old Fashioned Conversation with Chello who used to buy Yamazaki 12 for $40 like it was nothing! @whiskyandwhiskeyusa

Koray Özdemir of Paul John Single Malt Whisky joins me from the Double Barrel in Beverly Hills ( to talk about how he's "living the whisky life", the birth of the @WhiskyMonster, Paul John Single Malt Whisky and how to survive the life on the road of a brand ambassador. Follow Paul John Single Malt Whisky @PaulJohnWhisky and the Double Barrel at @thedoublebarrelbh. My Older Fashioned conversation was with Aly. Follow her whisky adventures @girlnextdoordrinks, especially if you like Blanton’s.

Part two of my interview with Linh Do, @WhiskyAnorach. We got a little deeper, we got a little more existential, we got a little more personal. On the show, I talk a lot about the shared experience of the whisky community and how special it is, but whisky is also highly personal experience for each of us and this week Linh really explores that with me, so things get pretty heavy. You should also check out Linh’s Etsy shop so see and maybe buy some of her artwork.

Denver Cramer of @denverandliely joins me in San Fran for a candid interview about the unique and organic way he and Liely interact with their customers and the intense thought and research, not only into the performance, but also into the experience, that goes into the design of every D&L glass.  We sip on some @stgeorgespirits Dry Rye Reposado Gin, and he tells us about the next great product that you’ll want to hear if you like to get outdoors and have fun.  Follow them at

Part 1 of my 2 part interview with Linh Do @whiskyanorach.  We talk about the ironic story of how she first began to use whisky as her muse, how this translates to her painting and her fashion design, and about her travels to Scotland. I have an Old Fashioned conversation with avid runner, Jason.

On this episode, I'm joined by Allison Parc, Owner and Founder of Brenne Single Malt Whisky, distilled, aged and bottled in Cognac, France (@brennewhisky). We discuss how she translated her passion for whisky into the creation of this brand and I get her thoughts on the whisky community. I also have an "Old Fashioned Conversation" with Dodger fan and new father, Kurt.

Interview with Jas (@tonightspoison). We talk about his whisky journey and the origins of #positivevibesmonday and geek-out over Compass Box Whisky. I also have an Old Fashioned Conversation with Sean. We talk music and dealing with personal demons.

Join me to explore Japanese Whisky with George Koutsakis of We talk about what makes Japanese Whisky special and why the prices are so high.  You can follow George on IG @whiskyislander. I also have an Old Fashioned Conversation with Alexa, a woman who knows her Johnnie Walker and has a nose for whisky you don't want to mess with.

Trish Byott (@trishdoeswhisky), brand ambassador for The Macallan in Hong Kong. Trish's passion led her to give up a career in banking & take a leap of faith half way around the world. Plus, an "Old Fashioned Conversation" with David who talks about his father who passed away just before Christmas.

In this first ever episode of Hear in Spirit, I talk with Jenna Elie, AKA @whiskyagogirl on Instagram, popular IG personality and ambassador for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America.  Jenna and I discuss her introduction to whisky, how she transitioned that into a career.  We also discuss the whisky community at large. Additionally, I have an "Old Fashioned Conversation" with Chris, a pastor who explains his theories of where whisky fits in with religion.