a podcast inspired by the whisky community, exploring the people and stories that make this world as miraculous and flavorful as the drink itself.

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Wally Dyer @scotchnsniff joins me to give us the story of how he got into whiskey, the origins of his YouTube channel and to discuss topics ranging from the peat of Orkney to the Russian oligarchy, which has nothing at all to do with whiskey, but it comes up way too many times. We also go live on IG WHILE recording the podcast. It’s a lot of fun trying to keep up with this guy. Wally's weekly show with @drinkingcaveman is called Whiskey Untitled and can be seen every Tuesday night on YouTube and you should also check out his Scotch N Sniff channel.

SEASON TWO PREMIERE! Laphroaig is my favorite distiller of whisky, and so I was very excited to sit down with a Laphroaig expert, none other than Mr. Simon Brooking, Master Ambassador for Beam Suntory Scotch. We met up in Brooklyn to share a few drams, talk about his early career, how being a trained theater actor helped him get his start in the world of spirits, and geek-out on Laphroaig. We do a little more tasting in this episode than I’ve historically put in the podcast, but that’s simply because I couldn’t help myself.

My interview with Julia Ritz Toffoli, the founder of Women Who Whiskey, a fantastic organization dedicated to debunking the stereotypes and myths around who does and can be a whiskey drinker. I wanted to talk to Julia because I found her inspirational in that she recognized a need in herself, recognized also that she wasn’t alone in that need, and instead of putting up with it, instead of complaining about it, instead of asking someone to solve it for her, she took action. I also have an Old Fashioned Conversation and some pizza with Christina Kim.

Colin Spoelman, founder Kings County Distillery, used to bring moonshine back from his home state of Kentucky to his friends in New York.  Eventually, he started making his own whiskey in his apartment in Brooklyn before expanding the operation. Colin and I discuss the history of the distillery, the craft whisky movement and market, what separates it from the major distilleries and conglomerates, and what regionalization means to the future of American Whiskey.


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